Anonymous School Survey Biased and Cowardly


February 13, 2013

Recently a survey was circulated though email by an unnamed “local community group” in an attempt to explore “perceptions of the local school options” and “local Eastern Shore schools.” It was reported by the Cape Charles Wave. The survey was not appreciated and accomplished nothing. Its organizers should be ashamed.

And who are the organizers? They are anonymous; anonymity has no place in the public discourse.

At a basic level, we must exchange ideas in order to make any progress. That’s why testimony has value in a democracy. That’s how minds are changed. And, because we sign our names to our ideas, democracy is done in the light of day and personal accountability.

It matters that I sign my name to this letter; it means that tomorrow, someone can approach me on Mason Avenue and speak to me about it. My boss will see it. I can’t hide from what I’m saying here, but I’m going to say it anyway. Because it matters.

But this anonymous group has deliberately chosen to excuse themselves from that system of accountability. They are hiding. They are cowards.

There is also something psychologically violent about this anonymous survey. It is not, as it claims, an exploration. Its suspicious and shoddy methodology reveals its own bias. [Read more…]


FRIDAY 2/15: Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser for Missionary

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FRIDAY 2/15: Free Health and Wellness Seminar at Rejuvenating Body Therapies

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THURSDAY 2/21: Aquatic Ecosystems Seminar at Coastal Research Center

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FRIDAY 2/22: ‘Advances in Neurology’ Lecture at ESCC

The Science and Philosophy Seminar of the Eastern Shore of Virginia will present  “Advances in Neurology” 12:30 p.m. Friday, February 22, in the Eastern Shore Community College lecture hall, 29300 Lankford Hwy, Melfa. [Read more…]

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