Hotel, Park Bathroom Appeals Challenge Historic Board

Cape Charles Wave

February 15, 2013

Two appeals will be heard on rulings by the Cape Charles Historic District Review Board — one regarding Hotel Cape Charles, and the other a bathroom in Central Park.

Cape Charles Town Council will hear the appeal concerning Hotel Cape Charles 6 p.m. Thursday, February 21, during the regular council meeting at Saint Charles Parish Hall.

The hotel owners, David and Kathryn Gammino, are appealing the final decision of the Historic District Review Board.

The Review Board ruled last November 20 that the hotel as constructed failed to comply with the plans submitted and approved by the Board.

The hotel has not been granted a permanent certificate of occupancy. It is closed for the winter but due to reopen March 1.

Unless Town Council overturns the Historic District Review Board decision, the hotel will not receive permission to reopen.

In a 35-page submission to the Town, the Gamminos argue that the Review Board failed to follow the Cape Charles Historic District Guidelines. “The denial was based on subjective impressions rather than [the] Guidelines,” the Gamminos wrote.

The Gamminos’ letter to the Town may be read here.

Meanwhile, another appeal of the Review Board’s decision has been filed in Northampton County Circuit Court.

The Circuit Court appeal is over a decision by the Historic District Review Board to approve a bathroom design adjacent to the pergola in Central Park.

The bathroom is planned to duplicate the design of an existing sewage pump station north of the pergola. [Read more…]


Seeking Enlightenment? Join ‘Circle of Friends’

February 15, 2013

A circle of friends old and new in and around Cape Charles is forming to share and openly discuss some of the most fundamental questions of life: who are we; how does life unfold before us; does our Creator have a master design, and how is it manifest?

The Circle will seek to stimulate curiosity and expand philosophical and metaphysical knowledge through discussions based on the studies, experiences, and observations of participants and presenters.

The overarching objective is “to find the spiritual meaning of connectedness wherein we are all part of something much larger.”

The Circle will gather  a couple times a month for about two hours in the evening to hear a brief presentation by a member or invited guest, hear a short reading, or watch a video. [Read more…]

WEDNESDAY 2/20: Line Dancing Lessons at Recreation Center

Line Dancing lessons at the Northampton County Recreation Center every Wednesday at 7 p.m. [Read more…]

SATURDAY 2/23: Beekeepers Guild Bringing Honey Queen to Heritage Festival

The 2013 American Honey Queen, a guest of the Beekeepers Guild of the Eastern Shore, will participate in the Heritage Festival Saturday, February 23, at Eastern Shore Community College in Melfa. [Read more…]

An Eastern Shore Valentine

February 14, 2013

Today is St. Valentine’s Day.

Sure, it would be easy to be cynical.

The schmaltzy, saccharine cards.

The Hallmarkification of the original Valentine who was — I don’t know — tortured by the Inquisition or something.

I suppose I’m still young at heart, because I love those cards.

I love boxes of candy with little pointless teddy bears.

I love sweet nothings.

One day, I will take a pretty girl to an Italian restaurant and together, we will sit in the alley and share a plate of spaghetti (heavy on the meatballs.)

Tony, the rotund owner, will come out and sing to us. [Read more…]