Cape Charles Police Chief and Town Planner Retiring in 2013

Police Chief 'Sambo' Brown

Police Chief ‘Sambo’ Brown
(Photo: Harry Gerwien)

Town Planner Tom Bonadeo

Town Planner Tom Bonadeo


February 7, 2013

Two long-time Town of Cape Charles employees are planning to retire by the end of the year.

Town Planner Tom Bonadeo has announced that he will retire as of November 1, and will take accumulated vacation time for about a month before that, making his last day of work around October 1.

Police Chief Charles ‘Sambo’ Brown has made no formal retirement announcement, but Mayor Dora Sullivan told the Wave yesterday that the Chief also plans to retire around the end of the year. [Read more…]


THURSDAY 2/7: Town Council Special Meeting and Public Hearing on South Port Easement

Cape Charles Town Council will hold a public hearing 6 p.m. Thursday, February 7, at Town Hall on a request by South Port Investors for easements on Town property for the Cape Charles Yacht Center now under construction. [Read more…]

Planning Commission Bypasses Public Hearing Requirement

Cape Charles Wave

February 7, 2013

The Cape Charles Planning Commission voted February 5 to send a letter to Town Council requesting concurrence with a plan to amend the Town’s zoning ordinance.

The amendment would establish limits on residential occupancy in the Harbor District.

The Planning Commission recommends using the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) to calculate housing density in the Harbor District.

Under Town regulations, public hearings are required to be held before either the Planning Commission can recommend or Town Council can approve a change to a zoning ordinance.

Since no public hearings have been scheduled, the Planning Commission vote occurred without opportunity for any public input.

Town Council consideration of the proposed zoning amendment would also occur before a public hearing is held.

After Town Council has given its concurrence with the proposed changes, the Planning Commission intends to hold a public hearing on the changes, followed by a public hearing by Town Council.


Town Planner Tom Bonadeo reported that the town manager is consulting with the town attorney regarding limiting appeals of rulings by the Historic District Review Board.

Under the current Town ordinance, any decision of the Review Board may be appealed, first to Town Council, and then to the Circuit Court.

Town staff appear interested in changing the ordinance such that only denials, not approvals, by the Review Board may be appealed. [Read more…]