Fishing Pier Reopens Today in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Town has replaced wood sections twisted by storm. (Wave photo)


March 1, 2013

Four months after Hurricane Sandy twisted the Cape Charles fishing pier like a piece of taffy, it’s ready for use again.

Public Works Director Dave Fauber said workers finished repairs Thursday and the pier would reopen as soon as he inspected the work.

The cost for repairs was about $4,500, down from an earlier estimate of $10,000.

The Town had hoped that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) would bear the cost, and so waited three months before taking up the work.

But FEMA officials finally explained that any repairs in Cape Charles would take a back seat to restoration work in New Jersey, where hurricane damage was far worse.

Fauber said it’s still possible that FEMA will eventually reimburse the Town for the repairs. [Read more…]