Newcomers Take A Walk on the Sunnyside (Garden, That Is)

Carold and Matt Yancy at Sunnyside Garden Center's May 4th Open House

New owners Carold and Matt Yancy at Sunnyside Garden Center’s May 4th Open House (Photo: Ed Seiz)

Special to the Cape Charles Wave

May 14, 2013

When longtime owner Bo Lewis put Sunnyside Garden Center up for sale last year, no one knew what might become of it.

But thousands of motorists on Highway 13 saw the FOR SALE sign, and it wasn’t long before wheels began turning in the minds of a couple from Philadelphia.

Matt and Carold Yancy had been vacationing on the Eastern Shore for years, and long ago fell in love with the fishing, farmland, and friendly folks in the area.

That led to the purchase of a weekend home, with weekdays still in the city.

That all changed when Carold, who is originally from Haiti, retired after more than 20 years at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

The Yancys took the next step and made a permanent move to Cape Charles.

Matt realized that, much as he loved to fish, he needed more to do. And that’s when they noticed the FOR SALE sign.

The transition was seamless, with former owners Lewis and his wife frequently on the scene. [Read more…]