WEEKEND: Half-Way Pier Open for Memorial Holiday



(May 24, 2014) Kudos to town officials for agreeing to reopen the Fun Pier in time for the Memorial Day weekend, even though it’s only half finished. The deep-water section of the pier withstood Hurricane Sandy well, and half a pier is all you need to get out to the main section, which is not being replaced. Access is now available from the beach (bottom right photo), while the remaining section extending to the sidewalk is still under construction. Town staff repaired the pier following Sandy, but now a FEMA grant is paying for a replacement with much larger footings (top left photo) than the previous inadequate sleepers. Pier lighting is still to come, so for now the pier is only open from dawn to dusk. (Wave photos)

MEMORIAL DAY: Ceremony at Veterans Memorial Followed by Library Rededication

Veterans’ Memorial Day Ceremony is 11 a.m. at the Veterans’ Memorial on Mason Avenue. Immediately following will be the Cape Charles Memorial Library Rededication, with music and refreshments provided.