Mayor-Elect: Town Is Heading in Right Direction

May 10, 2014


Tuesday’s election drew more than 400 voters to the polls, a large turnout which spoke of its importance to the people of Cape Charles and their commitment to our town and the democratic process.  I want to thank all the voters who came out and participated.

To those who voted for me, I wish to express my appreciation for your support and confidence in my ability to lead our town.  To those who did not vote for me, I recognize that you have legitimate concerns, some of which are shared by those who supported me, and I’ll do my best to listen to you as to everyone.

To me, this election says that the majority of the people feel the town is headed in the right direction.  At the same time there are a number of matters which need to be examined in an open and constructive matter — from our local economy and fiscal responsibility, to community needs, to our long term future. I will work for compromise to find the best solutions for the town as a whole and to develop teamwork.

Perhaps more importantly, many of  those who did not support me have come forward and expressed a strong willingness to work together in a spirit of cooperation.  These expressions are encouraging and speak well for the future of our town.

This town has a great deal of talent.  Together I am confident that we can help Cape Charles maintain its small town charm while continuing to grow for the benefit of all the citizens.

I look forward to helping to do this.

Cape Charles

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WEEKEND: Not Just Another Cape Charles Sunset



(May 10, 2014 edition) Just when we had had our fill of sunset photos in the Wave, we received this email from Christine Williams: “Dear Sir:  I don’t know if you want this or not, but my husband took this photo last evening. Pretty good for an amateur!” Pretty good indeed — good enough to break our sunset embargo. The photo credit goes to Gary Williams, and judging by the tree, this was shot on Bay Creek property close to Bayshore Concrete.


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