SUNDAY 5/18: Book Signing at Bad Girlz Has Local Connection

Author C.J. Golden will visit Bad Girlz Collective 1-3 p.m. Sunday, May 18, to sign her new book Reflections From Beyond: Sharing a Message of Hope, Peace and Kindness , a biography of near-death experiencer and local resident Tracy LaCroix. 

In May 2013 a series of circumstances brought Golden and LaCroix together. Golden had accompanied her husband on one of his long-distance cycling trips where she met LaCroix, their innkeeper at Shore Stay Suites. Golden shared that in June 2012 after a successful surgery, his heart suddenly stopped beating for an hour and a half. Members of the medical community are still astonished at his survival and recovery.

LaCroix came back from this experience spiritually renewed and fortified with an inspirational message. When Golden shared that she was an author and hails from Newtown, Connecticut, — a town still searching for healing — LaCroix felt compelled to asked her to write his story and to bring his message of hope, peace, and kindness to her hometown.  She honored that request through this book, and it is dedicated to the people of  Newtown.



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