Shorekeeper Jay Ford Joins Climate Change Commission

Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper Executive Director Jay Ford is joining the Governor’s Climate Change and Resiliency Commission. The bipartisan Commission includes local elected officials, members of the General Assembly, business leaders, environmental advocates, faith leaders, and industry representatives.

Shorekeeper Jay Ford said, “The Eastern Shore of Virginia is unquestionably one of the most at risk communities for the consequences of climate change and sea level rise in the commonwealth. How we as a state prepare now for the effects of climate change will have consequences for generations to come. I am honored to lend voice to the Eastern Shore in this essential effort and thank the Governor for his foresight in reconvening this critical commission.”

Governor Terry McAuliffe said, “We need to prepare Virginia’s coastal communities to deal with the growing threat of climate change, which is why I’ve re-convened the Climate Commission for the first time in four years. Virginia has the opportunity not only to be a leader in finding creative ways to mitigate climate change in the future but also to adapt to the effects of climate change that we have already begun to see here in the Commonwealth.



One Response to “Shorekeeper Jay Ford Joins Climate Change Commission”

  1. Andy Zahn on August 30th, 2014 10:54 am

    The whole thing is the biggest fraud in the history of the world. Global Warming, now Climae Change. The planet has periods of warming and of cooling going back millions of years. North America was mostly covered by a glacier in the Ice Age and the ice has been melting in Glacier Bay for 18,000 years. Some bad science here with scientists caught fudging facts to prove their theory. Other scientist disagree with this hype. The VOLUME of the oceans and seas is huge and melting polar ice would do little to sea levels. In places the ice is getting thicker while in others it is melting. Many want to destroy our way of life to accomplish nothing. Wasn’t this a lovely COOL summer? By the way Al Gore, the polar bears are doing fine!