‘Hot Club’ Jazz at the Shanty


“Gypsy Jazz” is Hot Club specialty.

August 7, 2014

The second annual Harbor for the Arts Festival August 1-17 includes live free entertainment in public spaces in Cape Charles.  Dance, music, art, and theatre is being presented at the harbor, the park, Strawberry Street, Mason Avenue, and even Bill Parr’s barn on Seaside Road. The festival includes an international dance workshop that will engage filmmakers, choreographers, and dancers.  


7 p.m. —  Le Hot Club de Biglick, Shanty Restaurant, Town Harbor: In the 1930s, a style of music became popular known as “Gypsy Jazz.” This style of music was made famous by guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stéphane Grappelli. Gypsy Jazz began with French musicians trying to emulate the jazz music coming out of America, while incorporating the gypsy influences that flavor their music. Today this music is kept alive by a group known as Le Hotclub de Biglick. The authentic gypsy sound is brought to the group by violinist Dan Adams of Bucovina (first chair violinist in national Philharmonic orchestras of Lautari, Doina Moldovei, and Balada).  Sponsored in part by the Virginia Commission for the Arts.


11 a.m. — Galapogas George, Barefoot Puppet Theatre, Cape Charles Library: Based on the true story of “Lonesome George,” this show tells the tale of a truly one-on-a-kind tortoise from the Galapagos Islands. Described by The Smithsonian as “an uplifting eco-fable,” this engaging theatrical piece shares an important lesson about man’s impact upon the environment. This show was funded in part by a grant from the Puppeteers of America Endowment Fund and was awarded an UNIMA Citation of Excellence in 2005. The Barefoot Puppets Theatre shows feature contemporary adaptations of world folktales, classic tales with a twist, myths, and works based on true stories. The scripts, puppets, music, and sets are all original. Program sponsored in part by the Virginia Commission for the Arts.  Space is limited.

7 p.m. — Okyerema Asante on Strawberry Street: Okyerema Asante is a renowned master percussionist and the music ambassador of Ghana. Asante is truly an African music legend, having worked with  world renowned musicians including Little Feet and Hugh Masekela. He has been on three world tours, once with Paul Simon on the Graceland tour and twice with Fleetwood Mac on the Behind the Mask and Tango in the Night tours. As a soloist and a one-man ensemble. Mr. Asante is a master drummer well known for performing all parts of a traditional five-person drum group by himself. He attaches percussion instruments to various parts of his body and simultaneously plays drums, a balafon, and many other instruments. He plays as many as 85 instruments in one performance. Coming from a family of drummers, Asante is an expert of traditional Ghanaian talking drums. [Read more…]