South Port Wins Easements; Library Remodeling Funded

Cape Charles Wave

February 12, 2013

South Port Investors LLC has cleared two more hurdles in its quest to construct a yacht repair facility adjacent to the town harbor.

Cape Charles Town Council on February 7 awarded South Port two 40-year encroachment easements at the harbor.

The easements were put out for bid and were advertised as required by law. South Port’s offer of $100 was the sole bid.

Council also voted to amend two property leases with South Port. The lease amendments allow land leased by South Port from the Town to be used for boat repair, fueling, docking, a cafe/market, sale of ship stores, administrative offices, transient housing, and a boatel.

Library Update

Town Manager Heather Arcos reported the status of remodeling  the new library building. Painting is complete,  the bathroom is almost ready, and carpeting has been purchased. A new circulation desk is under consideration.

If renovations are completed on schedule, the new library will open April 1.


The town has spent $54,399 on library renovations as of January 29, in addition to the purchase price of  $208,000.

Funds to purchase the former Bank of America building were taken from a bond issued for connection of wells to the town water system.

A certificate of deposit for $68,420 earmarked for the library was discovered in December by the Town treasurer. Additionally, nearly $2,000 was realized from the sale of bank safe deposit boxes and surplus furnishings.

Town Council voted to allocate $70,312 for library remodeling.

Council also agreed to budget for painting the exterior of the old library on Tazewell Avenue, which is planned to become an annex to the new library building.

Council member Joan Natali announced that a gala fund raiser will be held at the new library February 23, sponsored by Friends of the Library. Tickets are $25, or $40 per couple.

Harbor Rate Increases

Harbor Master Smitty Dize proposed several rate increases at the town harbor. Dize said he compared the town harbor rates and amenities with other nearby marinas. In light of the increased amenities at the town harbor, including the new bath house and restaurant, he believed an increase in town harbor rates was appropriate.

Council approved the rate increases, as well as several changes to harbor regulations.

Replacement Police Car

A 2008 Ford Crown Victoria police car was totaled in a December accident in Bay Creek South, for which the Town received $11,400 insurance proceeds.

Town Council authorized Town Manager Heather Arcos to borrow $12,486 at 3.1 percent to purchase a new  Dodge Charger for $23,145.



One Response to “TOWN COUNCIL:
South Port Wins Easements; Library Remodeling Funded”

  1. Steve Downs on February 13th, 2013 1:35 pm

    Why does the town need to buy another police car when they have that new (or almost new) silver gray SUV with no markings? Instead of sneaking around town to gain revenue from traffic stops, put insignia on it and there is your replacement!