TUESDAY 2/5: Planning Commission to Consider Limiting Historic District Review Board Appeals

Cape Charles Planning Commission will hold its regular monthly meeting 6 p.m. Tuesday, February 5, at Town Hall, 2 Plum Street.

Town staff will present a proposal to the Planning Commission to modify the zoning ordinance to limit the appeal rights of Historic District Review Board decisions to persons who have been denied a request.

The current ordinance allows appeals of both approvals and disapprovals by the Review Board.

Town Planner Tom Bonadeo is recommending that the ordinance be changed to no longer allow appeals of approvals.

According to a memo from Bonadeo, town staff is working with the “legal department to rework the ordinance.”

Town staff has a letter ready for the Planning Commission to send to Council requesting concurrence with the proposals for housing density in the Harbor District Zone – Mason Avenue Corridor. The Commission has been studying this plan for several months.

Public comments may be made at the beginning of the meeting. Each speaker is allowed three minutes.

The complete information packet is available at http://www.capecharles.org/documents/20130205PCAgendaPkt.pdf.



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