SHER: On the Shore Eight Weeks

Photo by Sher Horosko

Photo by Sher Horosko

Cape Charles Wave

July 31, 2013

The road to Custis Tomb is lined with snowflakes perched on arching green stems. I capture the beauty-burst and the swaying flowers filled with winged ones I cannot name.

Then comes the inevitable fading. Crocheted saucers fold into urns. Their time here is nearly done.

I have been on the Shore eight weeks. 
It is my spirit to watch closely, to be curious and to mark the comings and goings of life:

—the wheat fields trimmed and seeded with soybeans, tinkered with to withstand this concoction or that;

—the winged and petaled ones birthing and blooming and moving on or folding back into the sandy earth;

—how guts are transformed from expansive ripples of water where all may pass to bright white stakes marking territories like fences in the land-bound world.

I notice these things. They are subtle. The disappearance of what one loves happens slowly.

We get used to Beauty, fading, much like the lines streaking across our cheeks. Only when we see a photograph of what we looked like ten years ago, or even five, do we realize what is becoming of us: our bodies, our skin, our hair whiter and whiter. [Read more…]


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