Would Route 13 Strip Development ‘Kill the Town’?

Cape Charles Wave

July 25, 2013

Vocal members of the Cape Charles Business Association expressed concern to Town officials July 23 over their plan to promote development on Route 13.

Cape Charles Town Council has endorsed plans to extend a sewer pipe from the Town treatment plant out to commercial properties on Route 13 near Cheriton.

But local businessmen such as Andy Buchholz (Eastern Shore Signs) said it was clear all around the country that strip development kills a town.

Providing sewerage to the highway “totally promotes growth on [Route] 13,” Buchholz said. “The County should be helping drive business into town.”

The sewer expansion would be done by Northampton County’s Public Service Authority, chaired by Bob Panek, who also is assistant town manager for Cape Charles.

Panek told the Business Association that the County Board of Supervisors has already funded 25 percent of the sewer pipe expense in the latest budget. The remaining 75 percent would be paid through higher taxes on the commercial properties affected.

The current County property tax is 67 cents per hundred dollars’ value. Panek said the special tax would be an additional 52 cents, for a total of $1.19. All property owners within the special tax district would be required to pay the tax. [Read more…]


Cheriton Volunteer Fire Co. Fundraiser Serves 150 Dinners

(Wave photos by Sher Horosko)

KITCHEN HEROINES — It takes a village to maintain a volunteer fire company, and these ladies were doing their part in the kitchen last night (July 24) at the annual Cheriton Volunteer Fire Company chicken dinner fundraiser, where some 150 meals were served. At least one kitchen volunteer has been helping out for over 50 years. The shirt in the foreground reads “60 Years of Service 1948-2008,” which means the Cheriton VFC has now turned 65. [Read more…]

SHER: ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things’

Ryan Joseph Abraham, 8, waters plants at New Roots Youth Garden. (Photo by Sher Horosko)

Ryan Joseph Abraham, 8, waters plants at New Roots Youth Garden. (Photo by Sher Horosko)

Cape Charles Wave

July 24, 2013

OK, this is the truth. In my whole life only two TV shows made me laugh so hard I doubled over: “Candid Camera” and Bill Cosby’s, “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” Those of you who have dipped into this column probably get that I take the world rather seriously. I have been a muser since the age of four (maybe earlier).

As a child, I thought I knew more than adults in key areas. As an adult, I am sure I was right about this. Kids know things we have forgotten or buried or had drummed out of us. They don’t get stuck on the thorns that constantly separate us from each other.

The world misses the essential goodness of kids. We believe morality is learned. I see this differently: I think we come into the world (most of us anyway) with great and good hearts.

So like eight year old Ryan in the photo, our job is to water the love just like he is watering the plants.

But jumping back to Bill Cosby —
[Read more…]