SHORE THING: April Fools on July 4th

Cape Charles Wave

July 4, 2013

A little background music, please: Click here to enjoy the Tams while you read this (You can then select the SHORE THING window while the music plays.)

In case you’re sitting in the library, or your computer won’t play music, the song is “What Kind of Fool (Do You Think I Am).”

You will want to play it while reading the Town’s July 4th edition of the official Cape Charles Gazette (click to read).

The three-page special edition of the Gazette is all about “allegations” related to water and wastewater and “preferential treatment of Bayshore Concrete Products and Bay Creek Resort & Club.”

After giving it a careful read, my conclusion is that April Fools Day came late this year.

My test for any claim is, if I find part of it that is patently false and ridiculous, then the rest is also suspect.

The Gazette, obviously written by Assistant Town Manager and wastewater consultant Bob Panek, is three pages of “facts and figures” attempting to justify the Town’s water and sewer policies which are resulting in minimum monthly utility bills of $108.

The Wave had pointed out that the Town’s biggest water user, Bayshore Concrete Products, isn’t hooked up to Town utilities.

Mr. Panek writes at length about why hooking up Bayshore Concrete would be a very bad idea, but he trips up when he claims “it would take almost 58 years” for the Town to recoup its cost to run a sewer line to Bayshore.

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