Sign Language: Parade Truck Perturbs Planning Commission

Majority of Town Planning Commissioners expressed outrage over sign-fested truck. (Wave photo)

Majority of Town Planning Commissioners are upset over sign-fested truck. (Wave photo)

Cape Charles Wave

July 15, 2013

Cape Charles Planning Commission has been reviewing the Town’s sign ordinance for more than two years, but the signs on a truck in the July 4th parade brought the issue to a head.

The majority of commissioners expressed displeasure July 9 over signs displayed on a parade truck for the group known as Old School Cape Charles.

Festooned with American flags and plastered with signs, the truck was a moving billboard for the activist group that is fighting the Town’s decision to give away the Old School, basketball court, and parkland to a real estate developer.

“Repeal the Crooked $10 Deal,” read one sign, referring to the price the developer paid for the school and park property.

“Don’t Raise My Water Bill to Pay for More Condos,” read another.

And at the back of the truck: “Stand Up for Your Rights – Don’t Give Up the Fight.”

No planning commissioner found any illegality with displaying signs in the actual July 4th parade. The problem seemed to be that the parade truck was parked on the street both before and after the parade.

Chairman Dennis McCoy said, “What really stuck out like a sore thumb to me was the truck when I came into town this weekend . . . It was not [advertising] any business, and it stayed parked for two days.”

“I complained as a citizen. I thought it was offensive,” said Commissioner Joan Natali, who also is a member of Town Council. She advocated changing the ordinance to allow Town officials to immediately confiscate signs deemed offensive. [Read more…]