LETTER: Town Courts Should Have Multiple Uses

January 14, 2013


QUESTION: How many young people use the tennis courts?
ANSWER:  Almost none.

QUESTION: How many young people used the basketball court?
ANSWER: About 15 each day, including Cape Charles Christian School students.

QUESTION: How often are the tennis courts used?
ANSWER: Less than once a week.

QUESTION: How often was the basketball court used?
ANSWER: Every day.

QUESTION: What was the cost of the two lighted tennis courts?
ANSWER: Over $90,000.

QUESTION: What was the cost of the one unlighted basketball court?
ANSWER: Under $5,000.

In many municipalities, recreational facilities are designed for multiple uses to save money. This is done through proper allocation of space and time based on demand and equality.

It is tremendously selfish to think that it is a big burden on one or two tennis players to wait an hours for a court, while 10-15 young people who have no place to play basketball have to wait months for the possibility of a court being built.


It is beyond my comprehension that for the time being, in the absence of any open discussion, lack of funds, and a one-sided decision based on NO SURVEY by the Town or a proactive decision, a temporary solution [convert one tennis court to basketball] to serve the community is objected to by a few people.

What happened to mentoring and teaching the youth about sharing? “It takes a village . . . .”

Let us take some time and discuss, without rushing to build a basketball court.

We need to plan to make the Town’s future courts for multiple uses:
(A) Basketball Court
(B) Volleyball Court
(C) Badminton Court
(D) Roller Skating

Meantime, let us cooperate with each other and agree that by spending under $1,000, the proposed tennis court-basketball court suggestion is the best temporary solution.

We are doing this for all our Cape Charles young people.


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