Planning Commission Enters Park Bathroom Controversy


January 9, 2013

Cape Charles Planning Commission will discuss layout and site plans for the proposed Central Park bathrooms 6 p.m. today (Wednesday) at Town Hall. Public comments will be heard.

Town Planner Tom Bonadeo acknowledged to the Wave that the Planning Commission normally does not review plans for “by-right” structures. A bathroom is a by-right structure in the park.

The town’s Historic District Review Board approved the bathroom design last month, and construction was underway when a resident objected to the design and siting of the building.

Construction was halted pending an appeal to be heard by Town Council Thursday, January 10.

The appeal cites Historic District guidelines requiring new construction to “relate to the design character of the historic buildings in the area.”

The bathroom was designed to be similar in size, shape and materials to the c. 1980s park sewer pump station.

Bonadeo has urged the Planning Commission to recommend that the group known as Citizens for Central Park be permitted to construct the bathrooms as sited and designed. [Read more…]