Petition Asks Citizens for Central Park to Rethink Bathrooms

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Cape Charles Wave

January 17, 2013

Cape Charles resident Don Riley is going to the mat over the proposed bathrooms in Central Park.

Riley has appealed to Mayor Dora Sullivan, Town Manager Heather Arcos, Citizens for Central Park President Bob Panek, and several members of the Historic District Review Board.

He also made a formal appeal to Town Council, and says he will go as far as to take his case to Northampton County Circuit Court.

Riley has multiple problems with the proposed bathroom: The building was designed to resemble the adjoining sewage pump station; the site is beside a drainage pond; it’s too close to the park pergola; and it blocks neighbors’ views of the park.

“The [first] pump station was a mistake,” Riley told Town Council last week. “Why do we want to bookend it? [Read more…]