County Approves Commercial Sewage Area

Cape Charles Wave

July 23, 2013

Northampton County Board of Supervisors yesterday finalized the Southern Node commercial service area recommended by the Public Service Authority (PSA).

The area runs along Route 13 about a half mile in each direction from the Cape Charles traffic light, as well as most of Route 13 Business through Cheriton.

The Board of Supervisors accepted a proposal to create a special tax district to fund 75 percent of  infrastructure costs. The remaining 25 percent would be borne by all County property taxpayers. The 25 percent is already in the 2014 budget.

The commercial service area of the Southern Node would be the first phase in a two-phase project to provide wastewater service to Cheriton using the Cape Charles treatment plant approximately 2.25 miles away.

Asked if the proposed sewer lines for the commercial properties would be sufficient to tie all of Cheriton into the Cape Charles plant, PSA Chairman Bob Panek said they would not. Panek is also the principal consultant for the Cape Charles treatment plant.


Engineering studies have not been done to determine what size lines would be used. Panek suggested one idea is to use dual 3- or 4-inch mains in order to keep the contents of the lines from going septic on the way to Cape Charles.

The cost of the project infrastructure would be $1.5-2 million. “User fees have not been established or calculated yet,” Panek told the Board.

When questioned about how Cape Charles would be affected by the plans, Panek said that it would help Cape Charles to reduce costs by creating economies of scale. He suggested that flow from the project could equal 13 percent of the total flow to the Cape Charles plant.

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to move forward with public hearings on the commercial service area. After the vote, Supervisor Larry Trala moved to require a complete review and financial cost analysis of the project from the PSA. The motion passed unanimously.

Referring to the proposed commercial service area, Supervisor Willie Randall told the Board, “It is vital that we move forward.”

Panek will address the Cape Charles Business Association today (July 23) regarding PSA plans and the effect of Route 13 commercial development on businesses in town.



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