Town Property Tax Bills Mailed; Due December 5


November 11, 2013

(NOTE: A link to a list of delinquent Town taxpayers appears at the end of this story.)

Town of Cape Charles property tax bills were mailed November 8, just before Veterans Day, when mail will not be delivered. Although most local residents received their bills on Saturday, many Town homeowners maintain primary residences elsewhere, and will not receive bills before November 12 at the earliest.

Taxes are due December 5, or 24 days after November 12. Payments postmarked after December 5 are subject to a 10 percent penalty in December and monthly interest thereafter.

Town Treasurer Kim Coates informed Town Council October 17 that Northampton County sent out property tax bills in September, “but their IT staff didn’t get the file to our admin staff until last week.” (The Town relies on County records to generate its tax bills.)


Coates said that sending out Town tax bills in November is “similar to what we had done last year.” She noted that in 2014, Northampton County will begin semi-annual billing, but Cape Charles would continue sending a single bill until at least 2015.

The Wave has learned that the Town does not maintain a list of delinquent real estate taxes. A request by the Wave for such a list required three and a half hours’ work by the Treasurer and half an hour by the Clerk to compile the information, for which the Wave was charged $91.78.

The Town list of delinquent taxpayers as of August 2013 may be viewed by clicking here.



One Response to “Town Property Tax Bills Mailed; Due December 5”

  1. Ron Wrucke on November 14th, 2013 3:50 pm

    I have to wonder: my property assessment went down and even with a 20% increase in the tax rate, my County taxes went down. However, with the same assessment decrease, my Cape Charles taxes went up .. because the town’s tax rate increased by a whopping 50%, I’ve never considered Northampton County’s leaders to be fiscal gurus, but they look like Captain Marvel in comparison to Cape Charles … :-(

    At this rate, in about five years, I’ll be paying more taxes to Cape Charles than the County .. enuf !!!!