OLD SCHOOL: Messages From and To the Mayor

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is a message from Mayor Sullivan reprinted from the November 20 Town Gazette. It is followed by a message to the mayor from Old School Cape Charles.)

November 21, 2013


I am pleased to report that the Supreme Court of Virginia has rejected both petitions for appeal of the decisions rendered by the Northampton Circuit Court filed by Old School Cape Charles, et al. We are looking forward to the developer now moving ahead with the historic rehabilitation of the former school property into an asset that contributes to our economy.

I am hopeful that we can continue to move forward in improving our Town.

Thank you,



The wheels of justice grind slowly, and Old School Cape Charles LLC has not given up the fight to save Central Park property from the hands of a developer who would turn the largest public building in town into an apartment house.

Old School Cape Charles still has the option of requesting the Supreme Court to review the decision of the Writ Panel that rejected our appeals. The question of “standing” looms large in the rejection. Circuit Court Judge Revell Lewis ruled that a community group formed for the sole purpose of saving a public asset does not have standing to question the decision of Town Council. Judge Lewis also decided that he did not have jurisdiction over the case involving the sale. So Old School Cape Charles plans to ask the Supreme Court to review the decision of the panel.

Then there is the question of the Town staff’s ignoring Historic District Guidelines which state that a parking lot should not be allowed in front of the building. Madame Mayor, you have refused to identify the front of the building, but we believe that the Virginia Department of Historic Resources will be able to locate the front even without your assistance. [Read more…]


THURSDAY 11/21: Town Council to Review Sewer Plans, Old Library, New Trail

Cape Charles Town Council meets 6 p.m. Thursday, November 21, at St. Charles Parish Hall. On the agenda are updates on the PSA Regional Wastewater System, former library building, and multi-use trail. [Read more…]

SATURDAY 11/23: Tool Mania Raffle at Cape Charles Fire Station

3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, November 23: Cape Charles Volunteer Fire Department’s 8th Annual Tool Mania. [Read more…]

SUNDAY 11/24: More Beethoven Sonatas at Palace Theatre

Join Arts Enter Cape Charles November 24 for the second of three classical music concerts featuring 10 sonatas of Beethoven for piano and violin, presented by Dora Mullins and Stefan Dulcie. Each concert will take place at the Historic Palace Theatre, 305 Mason Avenue. [Read more…]

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND: Artisans Guild Open Studio & Vineyard Tour

Artisans Guild Open Studio & Vineyard Tour Thanksgiving weekend 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. [Read more…]