Sample Ballots for Northampton County District 1 Voters


November 2, 2013

These sample ballots include all the contests to be voted on in Northampton County District 1. The District 1 polling place is Trinity UMC Fellowship Hall, 410 Tazewell Avenue, Cape Charles. Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 5.

District 1 is the only part of the County where voters have a full choice of School Board and Board of Supervisors candidates. In District 2 the candidate for Board of Supervisors and the candidate for School Board are both unopposed. In District 3 there is a contest for the School Board, but the Supervisor’s seat is unopposed. District 4 and District 5 do not elect Supervisors this year. For the School Board, the District 4 candidate is unopposed, while the District 5 seat is contested.

The School Board also has two at-large seats, both of which are contested. The at-large members are voted on County-wide.

LETTER: Why I’m Voting Granville Hogg for Supervisor

November 3, 2013


I am supporting Granville Hogg in the upcoming Board of Supervisors election. Granville takes a sincere interest in all aspects of his community, and is always willing to give selflessly of his own time to better the community.

I have worked extensively with Granville on testing water quality in Kings Creek for a state and EPA mandated study. His extensive knowledge of local history, the physical terrain, and real, hands-on engineering contributed greatly to this study. His willingness to learn whatever aspects of the study he didn’t already know, and his devotion to give as much of his time as necessary to gather the data needed for an informed decision, were unparalleled.

Granville doesn’t take a government recommendation at face value. He questions the methodology of the study, the data used, and the assumptions. If necessary he will collect his own data, run the necessary tests, and do his own analysis, as he and I did in the Kings Creek study. [Read more…]


LETTER: District 1 Needs Granville Hogg as Supervisor

November 3, 2013


There are many people that meet the call for public service. Granville Hogg is one who has a long track record of initiating actions for the safety and benefit of the County to improve the community.

The residents of the Townfield Area, with Granville’s assistance, were able to get a posted speed reduction on Townfield Road toward Cherrystone Campground to 40 mph.

Granville observed a traffic safety problem at the median crossing between Shore Bank and Food Lion. He delivered a petition signed by 200 citizens to the Board of Supervisors to improve the level of safety at this dangerous intersection. VDOT responded by insisting that the current speed limits be enforced. Since then, there has been a significant speed enforcement increase on Route 13.

When the EPA made claims that the residential septic systems around Kings Creek were polluting the creek, a group of citizens, with Granville as one of the leaders, met with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. The group conducted a bacteria survey on Kings Creek to determine sources of pollution that was restricting shellfish harvesting. It was determined that the Bayview trash collection site was a major contributor to the problem. Granville presented the facts to the County, but to date, the County, under Chairman Willie Randall, has not taken any action to correct the problem.

Granville learned that VDOT was in the process of replacing the steel stoplight poles and replacing guardrail supports at the Cheriton intersection but ignoring the potholes there. Through his efforts, VDOT fixed the potholes as the other items were being addressed. [Read more…]

MONDAY 11/4: Adult Oil Painting Class at ESO

ESO Arts Center in Belle Haven presents Oil Painting with Carole Peirson, for everyone who has never painted before and would like to know how to start in oils, anyone who kept art supplies in a closet for years and would like to pick up where they left off, and for everyone who has been painting for a while but would like to get to the “next level” to create artwork fit for galleries. [Read more…]

After-School Art Class for Children Beginning at ESO

ESO Arts Center in Belle Haven is offering children an art break by re-introducing its After School Art Class with new instructor Anna Page Joseph. The six-week sessions are set up by age groups with ages 6-10 meeting Wednesdays from 4-5 p.m. November 6 to December 11. Class for ages 11-16 will be held Fridays 4-5 p.m. from November 8 to December 13. [Read more…]