LETTER: Why Was Gazette Mum about Closing the Basketball Court?

January 2, 2013


The Gazette is the official Town newsletter. My question is, who is responsible for the Gazette, and who approves it?

Last Friday after discovering from local kids that our basketball backboards had been removed, I went to Mayor Dora Sullivan to report this. Her response was: “We don’t own them anymore.”

My reaction was — what? Why would the Town remove the backboards during the Christmas-New Year’s break?

She had no answer.

I asked the mayor if the closing of the basketball court had been posted on the Town website and Gazette. She said no, but that the Cape Charles Wave interviewed [Assistant Town Manager] Bob Panek about the backboards’ removal.

I am frustrated by the lack of knowledge available on the day-to-day business of Cape Charles. The Town felt it was important to post changes to the garbage pickup holiday schedule, but said nothing about removing the basketball goals.

What’s next? Pay raises for a job well done on giving away the school, basketball court, and playground parking lot for $10?


I would also like to know if all Town Council members knew about this decision. I know that Frank Wendell was unaware — did Tom Godwin or Steve Bennett know? If they did, we can expect a Council in 2013 just as entrenched as in 2012, with more favors for special interests — not fair and honest representation for all citizens in Cape Charles.


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